Imani Gospel Singers  
About Us

IMANI means “faith” in Swahili
The Imani Gospel Singers (IGS), a Montreal-based choir, was founded in 1993 by Marcia Bailey, in response to a number of individuals expressing a strong desire to sing in a spiritual, dynamic, versatile group. IGS members come from all walks of life, but share the common vision of using their talents to praise the Divine and minister through song.

Our mission is to touch, inspire and uplift listeners with positive messages conveyed via the powerful vehicle of music.

“It’s about the message and the sincerity with which it is conveyed. If at least one person is blessed or positively inspired each time we sing, then our purpose has been fulfilled”.
Corporate Events, Fundraising Concerts, Spiritual Celebrations, Weddings, Funerals
There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is
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